Registration & Payments


Open Registration - All frontline, backline & male costumes are open to the public for registration at our Band House or Online at www.paparazzicarnival.com


We accept the following payment methods:

Online: Credit Card Only (VISA & Mastercard)

Band House: Cash, Credit Card (VISA & Mastercard), Debit Card

Cheques will not be accepted as a form of payment.

If you have further inquiries, please email info@paparazzicarnival.com



Costume registration is only considered complete after receipt of a down payment. Down payments are required as follows:

Male Costumes – US$250 / TTD $1700

Female Backline Costumes – USD $250 / TTD $1700

Female Frontline Costumes – USD $400 / TTD $2800


All costumes remain the property of Paparazzi Carnival until costume has been paid off in full and collected.

Masqueraders may only collect costume packages in their name and must present a valid form of ID upon collection at the distribution centre.

Masqueraders collecting costume packages on behalf of someone must produce an authorization letter and copy of the masquerader’s ID at the distribution centre. A digital copy must be sent in advance via email in the name of the masquerader to Paparazzi Carnival. 

Masqueraders will be advised when their costume is available to collect via our distribution schedule in email, website and social media platforms. 

The final date for costume collection is Saturday 22nd February, 2020.

All uncollected costumes will be eligible for resale on Sunday 23rd February, 2020


All down-payments are non-refundable

NO exchange or switching of sections

NO changing of measurements or sizes

NO Costume Transfers

NO Returns accepted